Event Day: The rental of a day at Romantic River Gardens, LLC  will begin at an agreed upon time the morning of the day reserved and continue until 9:00 p.m. of that same day.  Permission may be granted for a short clean up time beyond this hour but a $50.00 an hour charge will be added to your account for any hour or part of an hour beyond what has been arranged. Please NO AMPLIFIED MUSIC beyond the 9:00 p.m. closing time.

Rehearsal Time: A 1-1/2 hour block of time is included in your site price for your rehearsal.  The day and time must be pre-arranged and reserved with RRG.  Any hour or part of an hour beyond the allotted time will be added to your account at $50.00 an hour.

Release Form: The RRG Release Form releasing us from any responsibility must be signed and returned no later than 2 weeks prior to your event.

Event Rider: For your protection, we ask you to put a one day Event Rider on your homeowners policy. This one day Event Rider must be for the insurance company's maximum amount. A copy of this insurance rider from your insurance company will be due two weeks prior to your event. (Your insurance company will be glad to supply this for us...just give them our name and address.)  (RRG, 8140 Tyee Road, Umpqua, Or. 97486). Email to romantic.1@netzero.net or fax to 541-459-8303.

Alcoholic Beverages: Due to increased liability and concern for the safety of our guests, the consumption of alcoholic beverages will be limited to champagne, wine, & bottled beer only. (No hard liquor or beer kegs are allowed). Alcoholic beverages are to be served only during the reception and under the strict supervision of a licensed server approved by Romantic River Gardens, LLC. RRG reserves the right to discontinue service of alcoholic beverages to any or all guests at our discretion.

Sound System: In order to respect our neighbors and not be a disturbance, we have installed a speaker system that directs the sound and is volume controlled. We also have available two different music DJ packages that are a considerable savings to you.

Clean-up: The facilities at RRG are to be left in the same condition of appearance as when rented. This includes putting all refuse in garbage cans (we provide cans and sacks); wiping down counters and fridge; washing any RRG dishes used; and sweeping and mopping floors in catering building if needed.  Also, removal of wedding and reception items from site and dressing rooms and any litter from grounds. Please do not over-fill the garbage sacks as they are hard to handle!
  • Please keep beverage bottles and cans separate and remove from facility when leaving.
  • We will discard all other sacked garbage from facility for you.

To encourage a pleasant working relationship and prevent misunderstanding, it is important that all members of the wedding party are aware of and observe the Romantic River Gardens Policies and Procedures.  Please share this information with all those involved. Thank you for working with us to make your event the best it can be.

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