The area for ceremonies and events is located in the heart of the garden. This area will accomodate seating for 300 chairs. This picture above is what a bride sees as she begins her walk down the aisle,  through the arbor to the gazebo at the other end.

The Romantic River Garden Gazebo provides a beautiful place for the wedding ceremony. The gazebo is octagon shaped, 15 feet across, with eight tuscan columns.  Inside there is plenty of room for flowers, unity candle, and other decorations. Since the gazebo sets a slightly higher level than the seating area, the guests have a clear view of the procession and the ceremony.

To insure that all the guests are able to hear, there is a special sound system that surrounds the area with speakers hidden in rocks.

The Umpqua River borders one side and trees and flower beds border the other side of the seating area. The area
around the event area have numerous locations for guests to sit and enjoy the beauty of Romantic River Gardens.

From the garden's entrance arbor, to the riverside benches, the quiet garden fountains, and the beautiful scenery, the garden brings joy and peace to it's visitors. The intimate locations afford excellent picture taking locations for the wedding party and guests.

Some of the events at the Romantic River Gardens

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